Long Island Laser Tag

General Set Up

Player First Philosophy

red and blue laser tag blasters side by side.

Personalized laser taggers

Our high visibility red, blue, and green Laser Taggers are Veteran designed and tested. Although they look like toys, these blasters can hit a target a football field away. They are also equipped with a laser scope to aim, extra hand grip, and unique nickname to track stats.

Each blaster has a built-in computer that syncs up LED lighting and audio to notify players of everything happening on the battlefield. They operate on a completely wireless system with no vests or headbands required.

Our combination of vibrant colors and personalized technology is just part of what distinguishes us from the competition.

red and blue laser tag blasters side by side.
A backyard filled with camourflaged tents. a table wil blue laser taggers is on lower right side of the screen.

Mobile Battle Arena

Our unique Mobile Battle Arena is strategically placed throughout your yard to produce intense & fun laser tag battles. Players will have the opportunity to hide out, sneak around, flank, sprint, and plan team attacks using our bunker cover. We enhance game play even further with digital power-ups placed throughout the arena.

Players can earn stronger lasers, increased health, and perks that will make them reload quicker, or respawn even faster. We can secure our Battle Arena to any surface — Grass, concrete, gym floors, or your living carpet. We can do it all!

A backyard filled with camourflaged tents. a table wil blue laser taggers is on lower right side of the screen.

Mobile Laser Tag

We have adapted the traditional Laser Tag experience to a variety of settings and revolutionized how the game is played. Gone are the days of 20+ guests traveling to a laser tag center. We come directly to you — wherever you might be located!

Once we arrive, we'll strategically construct our battle arena using a combination of physical and digital bunkers and props. We'll then introduce players to our advanced laser tag equipment and provide a demonstration on how to best use the gear. Players will then be sent off into the battle arena and the party begins!

Personalized Laser Taggers

Unique Mobile Battle Arena

Gunless Option

Customized Game Modes

No Vests or Headbands

High Visibility Colors

Outdoor or Indoor

Advanced Technology

Stat Tracking

Custom Game Modes

Each of our game modes has been designed with fun as the priority. We have a wide variety of options to cater to both the relaxed, casual player as well as the competitive, adrenaline fueled player.

We have team-based modes that require players to coordinate and cooperate to defeat the other team, as well as options that pit each player against the rest, à la Fortnite or Battle Royale.

Want something else? We offer custom game modes for your event and would love to come up with something new for you! Oh… and did we mention we can track all of the player stats, too? That’s right, bragging rights are on the table!

Free For All

Team Elimination

Battle Royale


Capture the Flag

And more!

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